B.Com Banking Finance Services and Insurance
Semester Subject Intrnl Extrnl Total
I Part-I (Tamil / Hindi / French)2575100
Part –II-Prose and Communication Skills2575100
Business Mathematics2575100
Financial Accounting-I2575100
Office Package Practical-I2575100
Business Communication –I2575100
II Part-II (Tamil / Hindi / French)2575100
Part – II – Prose, Extensive Reading and2575100
Communication Skills2575100
Business Economics2575100
Financial Accounting-II2575100
Office Package Practical-II2575100
Business Communication –II2575100
Environmental Studies2575100
III Business Statistics2575100
Business Law2575100
Advanced Corporate Accounting2575100
Principles and Practices of Banking2575100
Principles of Insurance2575100
Statistical Package Practical2575100
IV Accounting and Finance for Bankers2575100
Cost and Managerial Accounting2575100
Fundamentals of Capital Markets2575100
Accounting Package Practical2575100
Value Education2575100
V Legal and Regulatory Aspects of Banking Operations2575100
Practice of Life Insurance2575100
E-Commerce and Social Media Marketing2575100
Project @ 8 weeks during Summer2575100
Career / Employability Skills – I2575100
VI Corporate Tax Management and Practices2575100
Marketing of Financial Products and Services2575100
Fundamentals of Derivative Markets2575100
Practices of General Insurance2575100
Fundamentals of Depository Operations2575100
Career / Employability Skills – II2575100

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